Painted Art Portraits from your Photos

This year your favorite photograph can become a LARGE PAINTING that turns a simple photo into a work of art! Best of all it's FAST - AFFORDABLE and it makes the PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFT!

We specialize in painting Family Portraits - we have a portrait that is just right for your very special and unique family group. A custom Art portrait lasts a lifetime.

We create painted portraits of people, places and things like: families, pets, celebrations, vacations, houses, babies, dogs, horses, students, weddings, cats, graduates, parties, sports teams or any special moment that you want to comemorate and turn them into LARGE PORTRAIT PRINTS that look like real paintings! Our portraits are HUGE! Seeing the examples on the web doesn't really do them justice so read what our customers say about thier family portraits for yourself!

You could commission a hand painted oil portrait but it might cost you thousands of dollars! Now you can have a professional art portrait for under a hundred bucks! Even though the painting project is digital I still hand paint every brushstroke. (I just do it on the computer )

Turn around time is usually about a week - not months! We make it easy to share the love. Extra prints are only $15 each, which means you can give one to grandparents, inlaws, and keep one for yourself!

Order RIGHT NOW for this holiday season and you can give the gift that your loved ones will remember for a lifetime! You can enjoy your favorite moments all year long with a beautiful painted canvas. Portraits from photos and photographs make choosing the perfect gift a no-brainer. A custom painted portrait on canvas is a special gift for everyone you love - including yourself!


"I could'nt believe my eyes when I opened the tube! You took a tiny photo of my dad and his sisters and transformed it into an amazing portrait that is HUGE. My aunt almost cried when I gave it to her. I got one for all my relatives - and one for me too! Really fast service too. Thanx"
........... H Strait

My dad had been bugging me about sending him a family picture so instead of paying a fortune to blow up a mediocre snapshot, I got Jan to do her magic and now we both have BIG family portraits that look incredible! I would have paid twice as much for it! Get one now -you deserve it.
................K Crawford

These beautiful hand painted portraits make a great gift idea for animal lovers too!

Who do you know that would LOVE a PET PORTRAIT for thier furry family member?


" I love my kitty portrait! (she loves it too) You captured her personality perfectly. Having the larger portrait really captures peoples attention. Everybody admires it the minute they walk thru the front door. thank you so much. "
S. Hiram

"Thank you!! I used to drag out my old photos maybe once a year, now my favorite memories hang in almost every room of my home! I never get tired of seeing them and people constantly tell me how much they admire them! You did a better job in china than I ever expected. Bless you. "
S. Burnett

"I was skeptical at first but after I recieved it (my portrait) I was really impressed! No one can believe it was painted on the computer. Even the guys at the frame shop were surprised when I told them. I'm giving my wife a paintng of our vacation to Hawaii for her birthday."
G Harrimeyer

This kind of picture makes a GREAT portrait! I started with this photo and transformed it into ->

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Here are some EXAMPLES of the Magic that can be created
from a simple photograph or digital image!

....How sweet are these faces?
I love my Grandma !!!!
Who's portrait will light up your life?

Prices start at just $97
for a 11"x 16" Portrait

We tell you our prices upfront - with NO hidden costs.

Portraits are printed on Heavy Fredrix coated archival Canvas
FREE SHIPPING (to the continental US, $8 to Canada & $10 International)
Additional prints are only $15
Larger size 16"x 20" add $ 15

Don't let your favorite memories sit in a box gathering dust!
Celebrate every single day with them!

If you have any additional questions email us at
or leave me a message at 404 294 5549

Start your order with a deposit of only $48.50


Unique Art Prints
at uncommon prices.

Wall decor that makes your home come alive!

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"I have commisioned professionally painted portraits of my animals in the past and spent thousands of dollars. My portraits from ArtCantHurtU hang right next to them and no one can tell the difference! Thank you - I LOVE IT!"" S.E. Browne

"When Sara (my dog) died I was so glad to be able to get her portrait done, Now I can see her happy face and remember all the silly things she did. She was a part of my family for many years so it's great to have her portrait to remember her by. Thank you" ."..............P. Gallagher

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Finished size 18"x24"

Close up of finished painting

The photo I started with..
This is an excellant photo to make into a portrait. Here is what to look for: The dog is in FOCUS! She is looking at the camera. Her eyes are open and she has a happy face.

With this process I can NOT manufacture expressions or facial features. However, I can remove red eye, enhance light or dark photos and change the background for an awsome painted effect!

A note from Jan,
Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be using the computer to create fine art - until now! When I discovered painting on the computer I admit I was skeptical. How could a computer generated painting look like the real thing? What would the prints actually look like?

OK, so it looked good on the screen -but would it pass the EYEBALL test of a professional artist with a degree in drawing and painting? I'm happy to report -it passed with flying colors! Soon I started doing portraits of my family, friends and pets and was completly blown away by the results. Everyone I told wanted a painting or two done - I simply couldn't keep it a secret any longer!

I have been an artist all my life and have run a successful mural and faux painting business for over 25 years. (
I still use my talent and skill as an artist to create one of a kind portraits. Even though my palate may be virtual - my goals are the same: to create a beautiful piece of art that you will enjoy for years.
Thank you for allowing me to have a part in turning your favorite memory into a lasting work of art.

What kind of photo makes a GREAT portrait?

  • A large digital file and/or aphoto that's IN FOCUS & really clean (check:dust, fingerprints, smears)
  • Look for great facial expressions, a good detail of the eyes (check: whites of the eyes)
  • Body posture and physical positions that are pleasing to you, (check: smiles, hands, limbs and tails etc.)
  • For group shots: look for heads grouped closely together (check: clarity, focus and make sure you can see everyone) Animals (check for faces, eyes)

    What I CAN DO to help your photos
  • Get rid of red eye
  • Lighten or darken most photos, provide contrast, exposure (check : focus, file size, original print quality)
  • Change the background, clothing colors (get rid of holiday outfits or logos) & some color enhancement
  • Combine two images from different photos together into one painting (an additional cost of $15)
start your order RIGHT NOW with a deposit of only $48.50


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Things in Photos that DO NOT work

  • A blurry or out of focus print or digital file
  • People with no eyes! Look for black slits where the eyes should be - remember you know how these people look, I do NOT. Making the eyes look realistic is nearly impossible.
  • Animals or people in strange positions (that you don't want them painted in), I CAN NOT add facial expressions, change body positions or manufacture missing features.

I simply paint
the photos you send me.

Unusual Art Prints
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The happy wedding couple. Finished size 16"x 20"

Discover how easy it can be to turn the most memorable
day of your life into an
heirloom work of art!

Order your Family portrait RIGHT NOW!
It's Quick & Easy!

Step 1: Decide which photographs you want to have turned into Art Portraits

Step 2: Make a deposit of $48.50 via paypal. (you just click the button above) Sign up for a free account or pay with your existing account at (make payment to

Step 3: Send me your photo file(s) via email. (send them to ) I will evaluate the photos and tell you if I can work with them. I will email you with the approval/rejection notice and a questionaire. Please fill it out completely. This will help me know exactly what you want and any upgrades, color changes or creative suggestions. Let me know how many copies you want. I encourage you to CALL ME at this stage of the game. I need to have your input BEFORE I start. Jan 404 294 5549

Step 4 : Once the photo is approved* I will email you with the total invoice balance. (this will include any additions, upgrades or additional prints) Please pay the balance within 48 hours so I can begin your order. Please include your NAME, FULL ADDRESS and Day and evening PHONE NUMBERS along with the completed questionaire.

Step 5: Once I recieve confirmation of payment I will start the project, When I am almost done I will email you a small JPG of the project for approval. After recieving approval from you I will print and ship. Most painted portraits arrive at your door within 7 - 14 days of placing the order. I normally mail USPS. Shipping and insurance costs are included.
FREE Shipping!
(to the continental US, $8 to Canada & $10 internationaly)


"I was thrilled to get this portrait as an early Christmas present! What a wonderful gift. This is my favorite picture of me and my niece, it hangs in my bedroom where I can see it every day. I LOVE IT! Words don't do it justice, if you want something that is truely special and one of a kind - order one right now - I promice you, you won't be sorry."
P Balmas

"I could'nt believe my eyes when I opened the tube! You took a tiny photo of my dad and his sisters and transformed it into an amazing portrait that is HUGE. My aunt almost cried when I gave it to her. I got one for all my relatives - and one for me too! Really fast service too. Thanx"
........... H Strait

"Thank you!! I used to drag out my old photos maybe once a year, now my favorite memories hang in almost every room of my home! I never get tired of seeing them and people constantly tell me how much they admire them! You did a better job in china than I ever expected. Bless you."
S. Burnett

How to send your photos

  • The quickest and easiest way is to send a digital file via email. Just add the file to your email as an attachment, Please include your name, address and phone number and any suggestions for the project.
    (Do not upload onto a photo site like piccasa and give me a link -they already compress thier photos for the web and I can't use them)
  • Old photographs or prints? No problem, just scan the picture at 300 dpi or take it to your local copy place and get them to scan it, then send me that file as an email attachment. Clean 'em first!
  • You can also mail me the actual photo and I will scan it for you
    (additional charge of $5)
  • Please SEND ONLY TWO PHOTO FILES in each e mail, if you have more files send them in several seperate emails.
    I cannot be responsible for photographs being lost in the mail, please make copies before you send them to me.

Please include a day and evening phone number so I can contact you with any questions about your project.

How she got these two kittens to sit still long enough for this shot is still a mystery!

Close up of a kitten eye

NOTE: you must pay the full amount BEFORE I start the project. (*to read my REFUND POLICY and why I require full payment in advance and all the other fine print please scroll down to the bottom of the page) I am aware that you don't know me and that the internet is full of unscrupupous people, I am extremely cautious online myself. If you have any questions or concerns I encourage you to call me Jan Riley at 404 294 5549 or write me with any questions you may have.

*If I cannot use the pictures you provide for any reason, I will refund your entire deposit via paypal within 48 hrs after notifying you. However, If for any reason you cancel or change the project after you pay and I paint it - you FORFIT the entire deposit and any upgrades or additional fees. NO exceptions. I can generally finish the project within 48hrs If recieving the photo, payment & confirmation quickly. Your participation is nessary in order to keep the project moving along so I can have your portrait to you as soon as possible.

A close up of the painting

Make your favorite memory into your favorite

Finished portrait 14"x16"
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Original photo
Mostly good but the eyes are sortof black slits. Look for photos that show:
........Facial expressions you like
........The whites of the eyes
........A body posture that is natural.

You gotta read this ->>>>>THE FINE PRINT <<<<<<-

*Why do I have to pay full price first?*

I require full payment BEFORE I start on you project for several reasons:

  • I want my focus to be on working creatively with the customers who are ready to purchace a portrait at this time.
  • My time, equipment and expertise is valuable. I am a professional artist with over 25 years of experience. (
    There have been too many people who simply did NOT pay once I had finished thier work. I also realized that I was spending the majority of my time with folks who were simply fishing for the lowest price. I
    charge a fair price for my artistic work, my equipment, supplies, printing and shipping.
  • By the time I send the thumbnail - the portrait is 99% completed -ready for printing. It is basically done.You will be sent a small JPG file to approve the final painting before I print to canvas. I will not print or complete the project till I get your confirmation. I want you to love it!
  • The process is such that changes, even minor ones requires me to completly redo the portrait. Please look at my work, see if you like my style. If you do- then please proceed. If you have any additional questions please call or write me.
  • This is also why I started evaluating the photos before I accept the commision. If I cannot make a beautiful portrait from your photo I will gladly refund your money, I only want to get paid for the work I do.
  • I do NOT evaluate photos till I recieve a deposit.
  • I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have before you buy, I enjoy hearing your ideas about how to make the portrait best reflect the subject. Call me at 404 294 5549

If you have any questions you can contact me

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My customers love thier portraits and I fully expect you will love yours too. However, if for any reason you do not like your portrait after you recieve the print I will refund 50% of the portrait price - no questions asked. (that comes to $48.50) No refunds will be given on additional services: scanning, canvas upgrades, combining photos or extra prints.

If this policy is NOT acceptable to you please do not purchace a portrait at this time.